So, what’s this, then?

We decided to launch a web site for our debut game, which is also our capstone project in post-grad game development and design at Sheridan College. Keeping up with a dev and design blog can be tricky with a workload like ours, but I think it might be a much-needed relief valve for talking about (okay, griping about) challenges and poking fun at ourselves and the game.

At the end of Fall Term in 2018, our entire cohort of fifteen designers and fifteen developers made game pitches to the group, and of the thirty games pitched, seven were selected to be made. Four of us — two designers and two developers — ended up together on Haunted House Flipper, which was Matt’s pitch. Both Sean and Matt are designers; Martin and I are developers.

Throughout Winter Term, we’ve worked together on project planning, fleshing out our Game Design Document, and working with faculty mentors to refine our design. Before the term ends next week, we’ll be showing a prototype of several key features to the curriculum director for game development. There are some pieces of functionality we’d like to prove out sooner rather than later, so this will answer some critical questions for us.

When Summer Term begins in early May, our co-op artist/animator will join our team (super excited about that!), and we’ll be full steam ahead until the end of August. Looking forward to it!

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