Haunted House Flipper Milestones

Our team has already had an idea of when our game, Haunted House Flipper, will be ready for launch. Before launch, however, we have a few goals in mind to prepare the game on schedule. Our timeline of what we plan to achieve with this game is shown down below

May 6th – Start production

June 3rd – Alpha release

July 8th – Beta release

August 5th – Vertical slice release

August 16th – Game wrap-up

This timeline may change over the course of development, as expectancy’s may occur. Please note, our alpha and beta versions will be internal, meaning only the developers of Haunted House Flipper will be able to test the game. This is to ensure quality for when the game is finally released and shown to the masses.

We hope that you take interest in our game and will follow our journey to make the spoopiest house flipping game of all time!

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