Conceptualization of Haunted House Flipper

The original design of my early game pitch helped facilitate the ground work for the project our development team is currently working on. My background as an artist, and the research knowledge I gained with three years of art history, helped guide me through the conception process with insight into different cultures throughout history.

I was inspired by 19th century Victorian society with its stuffiness, contradictions and scientific absurdity as well as the visual aesthetics of liithographs and etchings. My goal was to keep the concept historically acurate with a touch of exaggerated, cultural staples.

At the beginning, the pitch idea revolved around a “who done it” murder mystery set in the 19th century. The player would be responsible for solving a ghost possession problem at the party they are hosting. Using clues from various sources, the player would have to figure out who was possessed, whom is killing your guests, and keeping your party-goers ignorant to the deaths happening around them.

Unfortunately, due to the scope being too large for the time given for the project, the game was scaled down but still kept the essential mechanics that made the game unique: protecting guests, fighting ghosts, and turning a hefty profit out of a seemingly unsalvageable situation.

The aesthetics and mood of the game remains the same today. Slapstick humor, bunk science of the 19th century and the cultural phenomenon of Spiritualism in the 19th and early 20th centuries are the main motifs we will use to create a comical, historical-fictionalized world.

As development continues, gameplay elements may change accordingly. It is my hope that our team of two level designers, two programmers and one artist will create a lighthearted, memorable game enjoyed by a diverse demographic.

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