About Us

Level Designers

Matthew Kwiatkowski

As a professional artist, Matt has worked in various diverse environments within an artistic capacity. Currently Matt is a candidate for a Post-Graduate Degree in Game Level Design to accompany his four-year degree in Studio Art. Matt has strong interpersonal skills with patience and empathy to match.

Sean Eisenhardt

Sean is a hard-working student who has studied Game Development for 4 years. He plans to be a 3D artist in the video game or animation industry creating assets for game or films. He enjoys being in a team working towards a goal for the sake of making a great product and advancing his skills.


Reilly MacKay

Reilly is a senior in Game Development at Sheridan and has worked this summer semester as a co-op on the project as artist, designer, and 3D modeler.


Oluwabiyi (Martin) Akinsara

A programmer who has been studying programming for the past 4 years in an educational setting, Martin is always ready to learn new things to get the job done. The things that interest him most about game development are all the neat ways to optimize performance that can be applied to not just games but other facets of programming. Although by day he is a hardworking programmer, by night he is an avid gamer. 

DL Simpson

DL worked for years (don’t ask) in business software development, primarily for large corporations in the US, and recently came to Canada to study game development at Sheridan. Game dev interests include artificial intelligence, creating cool productivity tools, and spending way too much time browsing the Unity Asset Store.